*Japan Game Market 2011 Autumn [#mc15ffc2]

We, "Origins Researcher" (or "Sierra Madre Games Far East") , have participated in Japan Game Market on November 27, 2011.
This is a report of it.

*Setting [#f9388f6c]

This morning, we carried 6 boxes and others we need.


We have entered at 9:00 AM  and set our booth with no trouble.


*Beginning [#h3d56ef6]

Japan Game Market have begun at 10:00 AM.

*Only 1 hour later [#lcd94b59]

5 copies of "Rolling Bones" are all sold.
And, 10 copies of "High Frontier (2nd) and its expansion" are all sold.

*Afternoon [#zf3b5889]

At noon, 20 copies of "Bios: Megafauna" are all sold!

In this afternoon, I have only to sell "Origins" mainly.
So I have changed layout.


*Closing [#ob1976a6]

Japan Game Market have been closed at 5:00 PM.

I brought back only 3 boxes.
And, half of this boxes are "Other Games I have bought in Game Market".


I have sold the following after all.

|Rolling Bones |5|
|High Frontier and expansion |10|
|BIOS: Megafauna |20|
|Rolling Bones |5 (all)|
|High Frontier and expansion |10 (all)|
|BIOS: Megafauna |20 (all)|
|Origins |3|

I am going to sell games further more.

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